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Hotel Logos

The logos on this page are the official Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel logos. These images are copyrighted by the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel and require the approval of the Resort's Public Relations Department prior to publication.

Instructions: If you have received approval to use one of the logos on this page, right click on the selected link and choose "save image/picture as" and save the file to your directory. If you are using these images in print media and would like any of them sent via e-mail (file formats available: .psd, .bmp, .eps, and .tif ), please contact the Marketing Department at or call 787-721-5100.

Getting Approvals: Once your material is completed, it must be submitted to the Marketing Department of the Sheraton Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel for final approval by the Marketing Manager. Please allow 15 business days for the approval process. Thank you for your cooperation.

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